Home News A Call to Be Different, Be Nice, 2019 WBOP Elections

A Call to Be Different, Be Nice, 2019 WBOP Elections

A Call to Be Different, Be Nice, 2019 WBOP Elections

I am no stranger to being on the receiving end of nastiness, despite my utter commitment to the Te Puke community. Some time ago an elected member had a flat car battery, I gave them a jump start and they were appreciative. Wind the clock forward a few weeks and I was sitting in a cafe just over from this very same elected member who proceeded to run our charity down and me personally. For what reasons I have no idea, just to be negative as they are toward other community feelings?

A few days ago, I received a message from someone who had been called by another elected member who had mentioned my name in a negative way (during the 2019 election). I find this kind of attitude and deliberate attempts at division within our community as thoroughly inappropriate and disgraceful. Such is the bully culture that I have experienced as a community member from some elected members and now as a candidate.

This is another reason I stand. Te Puke and Maketu are sick and tired of poor representation, negativity spewed out across social, news portals and via rumour mills. Vote me for Mayor and I will eradicate all councillors who speak ill of the communities, spread rumours about individuals and who continue with a mindset of bullying, intimidation and rivalry.
I call for replacements of members of the WBOPDC who are disingenuous to the culture of unity and sustainability. I call for the de-establishment of a bully culture. And I call for those elected member who dont turn up to meetings, to be removed from their paid positions, due to self serving interests and lack of decent engagement. It is about time honourable people stood and give their communities the best of themselves.