new movement of inclusion and diversity and it’s import to decision making

Indeed, I am an outsourcer, it is part of my top 5 strengths. I am good at connecting, strategy and outsourcing, and believe team is what makes for a healthy future, not some hero/lone ranger scenario that classifies any other ethnic or younger aged candidates as the unexperienced “tonto” (“tonto” translates as “a dumb person”, “moron”, or “fool”).

I may not have the skills or experience in some areas, but I can offer what others don’t have. There is always someone who can do the job better than myself, this same attitude should be contemplated by the current Mayor and elected members.

I have learnt this as a coder – there is ALWAYS someone who can do better than me in the field of IT, usually younger, and usually of different ethnicity, hence, why I ALWAYS run with collaborative opensource software development and infrastructure.

Some youth have far more capacity and capability than long serving professionals, hence, why I stand for youth. Look at the teens recently in news as examples, incredible.

Some of the largest and financially successful global corporations, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, PayPal et al  are inspired and governed by a younger generation and I think there is an unhealthy attitude toward youth and younger members held by our region and most definitely by some elected members. We have on our board a teen that is studying to be a lawyer, simultaneously international relations and a third language. I agree, experience is vital, but what a lot don’t realise, is that the inclusion of youth and younger thinkers and more ethnic diverse thinkers, is far more beneficial to decision making than they give time or credit.

I have stood in the WBOP 2019 Elections as an average Joe Blogs, both, as a scapegoat and to make the point that “anyone can run”, and that the message is true through all three opportunities I am running as candidate. If I can run, then why not others. And if this sparks interest into future elections then I have succeeded.

Decision making and good governance is not a one person scenario. This is my point, and some that are long in the tooth will not like this message.

In my opinion, examples of an elected 6 terms, 18 years without cycling out governance is detrimental to the decision making of our futures, not to mention our district.

Council most definitely has an issue on their hands with this new movement of youth interest. Council elected members will have to recognise this and work with the changes in motion or they will be left behind.

I honour my elders, i value wisdom and experience but I am most definitely pro multi-age and multi-ethnic decision making. Without it, there is no accurate presentation of our communities and without it, elderly who do not engage in mentoring or walking alongside younger members, are in my opinion, absolutely misguided and irrelevant.

If the 2019 WBOP elections result in business as usual, then the democratic “voice of voters” refuse to listen to the value; that a younger and more ethnic diverse governance has for our region.

As a candidate, community worker and within my private circles of influence, I hope we as the Western Bay of Plenty, Katikati, Maketu, Matakana Island, Omokoroa, Oropi, Paengaroa, Pongakawa, Pukehina, Te Puke, Te Puna and Minden, Upper Pyes Pa, Waihi Beach lead in the change across our country and recognise the significance of a new movement of inclusion and diversity.