Screen Sector Strategy 2030

Screen Sector Strategy 2030

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The Screen sector’s intersect with a range of other sectors is really important. And it’s not just that these other sectors offer a supply chain for the screen sector. There is a mutually beneficial relationship between the Screen sector and other industries and sectors.

Major contributor to our GDP 
$1b directly to GDP
$3b indirectly

How we view and engage is changing 
-Sports audience stat 
-Consider what our young people are doing now.

Young people’s expectations of engagement is worthy of consideration – they expect NOW, FREE a mix of online and offline, lean in and lean out is blurred, and their engagement is shared with their community.

Fortnite – 
44 million viewers, 200 players with a 30 million prize pool 
Live and online – held at the tennis venue in the US
Winner of Fortnite = 2.4 million – more than wimbledon winner