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Stephen Fawcett for WBOP Mayor

Stephen Fawcett for WBOP Mayor

My overarching vision is to see a community where diversity is celebrated, and every person feels included.


  1. Establish a relational infrastructure where community engagement is priority.
  2. Establish infrastructure where youth and ethnic diversity within our region’s decision making is a priority.

Our family are among the residents that make up almost 70% of the population that reside outside of WBOP community board areas. There are definite issues with water supply, roading, internet scarcity and public transportation.

I see a need to break down the walls between Council Staff and Community, and place priority on minimising areas of disengagement from council, and negative opinion of elected members toward individuals, organisations, and community needs.

Priorities such as climate change, environmental sustainability and concern for the future are at the forefront of our future’s minds. Youth participation and a more diverse representation of people groups around decision making is key.