screen sector hui bay of plenty

The Government has launched a new approach to industry policy, aimed at growing more innovative industries in New Zealand and lifting the productivity of our key sectors. One of these being the Screen Sector. The current government supports the continuing success of New Zealand as a destination for screen activity, including film, television, digital effects and post-production work.

I personally believe that the Western Bay of Plenty is a key stakeholder of unique content, opportunity and economic growth. I am radically excited about the importance the current Government sees in the contribution of the Screen Sector and I hope for a more welcoming attitude by local body councils, small business and global business in our region as they awake to the limitless opportunity that is erroneously discarded as “oh, they are just creatives, with no substance and nothing to contribute.”

As an avid filmer and creative, I was excited to attend the Screen Sector Strategy NZ Hui: Bay of Plenty in Rotorua this morning to be part of the BOP consultation for the creation of a 10 year strategy. My wife and I have walked alongside CEO Anton Steele of BOP Film predating any formalized BOP Screen Sector organisation. We are both proud of Anton’s commitment (alongside his team and partners) to this sector in our region and are excited with a future of many opportunities.

This hui is the first a multi-platform approach of engagement with the sector. It is an opportunity to hear more about how we got here, who is involved, what we are doing, and where we want to get to with this process. More importantly it’s also an opportunity to feed in our collaborative knowledge, expertise and perspective as we look forward to the next 10 years.

We are a dynamic and innovative sector that is on the precipice of global change. We have opportunities available to us as a result of who we are, where we are and how we work.

How can we maximize those opportunities and grow the sector in a way that honours our past, present and future, and ensure we thrive?

How do we build on the capacity and capability required to meet the challenges of change ahead of us?

This is our opportunity to shape the future of our sector.

The Prime Minister on behalf of the Government has called for the creation of a 10-year strategy for the New Zealand Screen Industry. It is intended that this strategy process be led by the industry and developed during 2019 and early 2020.There are several key questions that will shape the screen sector strategy and that recognise the dynamics of the interaction, interdependence and collaboration between the Industry, Central Government and Local Government. In doing so the Strategy should address:

  • What the industry can do for itself to meet the objectives of the strategy;
  • What the industry and Government can do together to meet the objectives of the strategy; and
  • What the industry expects the Government to do to meet the objectives of the strategy.

In order to progress the development of the screen sector strategy a facilitation group was established. The purpose of the facilitation group is to support the screen sector engagement process and to be a conduit for bringing the sector’s many voices into the strategy. While many of those in the group lead, or represent, specific groups and guilds, their role within the facilitation group is to have a wider focus: to champion the development of the strategy , and ensure an inclusive engagement process. In order to progress the development of the screen sector strategy a facilitation group was established.

The benefits of the Screen Sector to NZ and our region are hugely positive to economic growth, market value, opportunity and jobs. The screen sector is unique in that it is the cohesive connector to so many industries.

I am extremely excited to play a small part alongside other passionate creatives who believe in our future.