WBOP – A bright future! and why I stand…


Kia ora whanau, our region has an incredibly bright future represented among our Taiohi (youth). For this reason, I am standing as a candidate in the Western Bay of Plenty 2019 elections and am committed (as I am every other day) to seeing youth valued, encouraged, supported and given credit. I stand for Taiohi. I also stand beside another teen Larissa Hika who we are mentoring as a candidate for the Te Puke community board. I stand to show the way, to lead by example and to help youth realise that, if I can, they can also. Decision making in our communities should be diverse and collaborative, and my passion is to see inclusion of a wider representation of age (youth) and building a more inclusive and ethnic diverse leadership in the area of decision making for our districts and WBOP region. We, as Western Bay of Plenty have an opportunity to lead the way.

If I can ignite intrigue and dialogue around youth opportunity, leadership and value, then I have succeeded. Regardless of the process of democracy and outcome in votes, I will always continue as I was, thoroughly invested in the youth of our future. I want to exemplify, that being professional is not enough in our day and age, and CV’s aside, creativity and most importantly “relationship” is key to us moving forward. I want to see a more wholesome blend of professionalism and relational investedness flourish in our communities. May the voices of our youth and diverse needs of our community’s be heard, comprehended and actioned upon.


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